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Eid Ki Namaz Ka Tareeqa

Sunday 14 August 2011

Family Members of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Notwithstanding being a prophet, a statesman, and a group go-to person, the Prophet Muhammad was a family man. The Prophet Muhammad was known to be exceptionally kind and delicate with his family, setting a case for all to accompany.

Mothers of the Devotees

The wives of the Prophet Muhammad are reputed to be the

"Mothers of the Devotees.

Khadija bint Khuwailid-The Prophet

Muhammad portrayed his first wife as

accompanies: "She trusted in me when not a soul on earth

else did; she affirmed Islam when individuals dismissed me; and she made and support me when there was nobody else to loan me a making hand."

Muhammad and Khadija were hitched

for 25 years until her demise. It was just

following her passing that Muhammad hitched

again. Sawdah bint Zam'ah-Sawdah had been beforehand hitched and widowed, and was one of the first to immigrate to Abyssinia in the early years of Islam.

Aishah bint Abu Bakr-Known for her spirit and exceptional memory, she ended up being an instructor to different Muslims and a storyteller of hadith. Aishah was the loved one of Muhammad's close mate and friend, Abu Bakr.

Zainab bint Jahsh

Hafsah bint 'Umar-Hafsah was a lady who was not reluctant to talk her personality. She had been at one time hitched. Hafsah was aiding the wounded on the battleground when her spouse was slaughtered.

Zainab bint Khuzaimah-Zainab bint Khuzaimah was an elderly dowager who was known to give cash to the unfortunate.

Umm Salamah-Umm Salamah and her first spouse were punctual changes over to Islam, and she had emigrated to both Abyssinia and Madinah. During that timeframe of her marriage to the Prophet, she was the single mother of four adolescent strays.


Juwayriah bint Al-Harith

Umm Habibah

Maimunah bint Al-Harith

Safiyah bint Huyayy


Girls of the Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad adored his four girls. Just a few survived him following demise, Zainab and Fatimah.


Umm Kulthum


Fatimah-The Prophet's youngest girl was profoundly committed to him, and invested her extra time in supplication to God and love. She was the mother of the Prophet Muhammad's grandsons, Hassan and Husayn.

The Prophet Muhammad additionally had a few children, but they kicked the bucket in outset. They were named Qasim, Abdullah, and Ibrahim.

Thursday 11 August 2011

Miracle by muhammad (s.a.w) of Splitting of Moon into Two Halves is The Truth : Believe it or Not

link to video:
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRNEDoR7L0Eesr7t5AollA Images from NASA Recent Research on Geological Surface of Moon link to image: Instructions "Moon Part is Genuine truth: Omnipotent The god of Muhammad Is The Best equipped Organizer", So He was Adequately Saving the Proof of Moon Part from Past 1400 years. In Salaalah, Oman-The Grave of Lord Cheraman Perumal who witness the Part of Moon in India & later made a trip to Mecca and Grip Islam in the hands of Prophet Muhammad Pbuh and when reverting home, at the course of the Prophet, passed on at the port of Zafar, Yemen, (Salaalah Oman) where the tomb of the Indian lord was devoutly visited for a large number of centuries. First and foremost Juma Mosque was built at Kodungallur, Kerala India in 627 A.D Malik Dinar Mosque was the second Indian mosque built by Malik canister Dinar [Ra] at in Kasaragod region of Karnataka state, south India; he was the first Sahaba or Friend of Prophet Muhammad Pbuh who was arrived in India. The mosque holds the grave of Malik lbn Mohammad, one of the relatives of Malik lbn Dinar. Folks of Mecca Who Witness and prevented the Part from claiming Moon by Muhammad Pbuh, Later Grip Islam without any power. Assuming that we could deliberately look at all the aforementioned occasions happened around and following the time of Part of Moon, which are specify above, then we would be able to grasp that The Part of Moon is Real truth. Not a single person can deny Such Confirmation or Confirmation Resulting from the fact that All-powerful The god of Muhammad [God] is The Best Organizer. Blood mate and Sister think yourselves, if it is Unlikely for the Maker of Paradise and Earth to do the embodiment of a Wonders Prophet Muhammad Pbuh had Part of Moon into a few parts by the "Will of All-powerful The god of Muhammad", Comparatively by the Will of Omnipotent The god of Muhammad [God], Prophet Moses had Part the Red Ocean & Recovered the Youngsters' of Israel from torments of Pharaoh. Pharaoh's figure was found in the Red Ocean, this shows that the story of Moses (peace be upon him) part the ocean with the assistance of The god of Muhammad All-powerful blatantly happened. Pharaoh's figure is 3500 years old, its surprising that it was safeguarded absolutely well in the ocean. All the more some of the mummies are not safeguarded this well. In addition fish in the ocean would be able to have effortlessly consumed the tissue, but they didn't. Why is that? The response is in the emulating verse of the Quran where God expresses: save your form, to set you up as a lesson for fate crops. Unfortunately, a considerable number of folks are absolutely careless in regards to our marks. Quran (10:90-92)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cheraman Perumal, (Tajuddin. r.a) lord of india-Kodungallur, Kerala (Promotion 622-628. Hijra 1-7) was the first Indian to receive Islam. Numerous antiquarians have recorded this truth in their writings. Kerala is a state of India. The state extends for 360 miles (580 kilometers) in the Malabar Coast on the southwestern side of the Indian landmass. Lord Chakrawati Farmas of Malabar was a Chera ruler, Cheraman perumal of Kodungallure. On a moon-lit night the lord while strolling on the roof of his royal residence as well as the ruler saw the moon suddenly part into several parts. The episode is reported Hamidulla composes in "Muhammad Rasoolullah [Pbuh] in a composition kept at the India Office Library, London, reference number: Arabic, 2807, 152-173 A bunch of Muslim shippers passing by Malabar on their direction to China addresses the ruler about how God had upheld the Bedouin prophet with the inexplicable occurrence of part of the moon. The stunned lord expressed he had viewed it with his particular eyes too, delegated his child, and found for Arabia to meet the Prophet in individual. He gripped Islam at the hand of the Prophet Muhammad [Pbuh] in the presence of Abu Bakr Siddique, who later came to be the first caliph, who took a Muslim name, Tajuddin, and when reverting home, at the course of the Prophet, expired at the port of Zafar, Yemen,(salalah Oman) where the tomb of the Indian ruler was devoutly visited for numerous centuries. The Heavenly Quran makes the taking after reference to the wonder of Blessed Prophet-"The Hour is near and the moon was parted in two" Consequently it is clear that Cheraman Perumal was the first adherent of India. On the other hand, there are contrasts of assessment around students of history concerning the year in which it occurred. (It is not in the scope of MeraWatan to sort out the ordered contrasts).

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Top Miracles of the Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

By Abdul Qaddus
A number of miracles were presented and performed by the Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the proof of his prophet hood. The greatest miracle was Holly Quran. A great book for guides of humanity and number of aspects. Starting in the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

History shows that Allah Subhan Tallah Send his messenger for guiding the people to every nation of world. Those messenger forward the message of Allah Subhan Tallah and educate them. For this purpose some times they used miracles by the permission and power of Allah Subhan Tallah. For example,
Moses contemporaries was a great magician. He defeat the great magicians of Egypt of his days.
Jesus contemporaries was a great physicians. His great miracle was raise the dead and cure the incurable disease.
The Arab great leader Prophet Muhammad was known their eloquence and the magnificent poetry. So the Arab leader Prophet Muhammad major miracle was the Holly Quran. A great Books, describing the right path for their peoples and defeat the Arab poets and orator of his days.

As the miracles of Holly Prophet concern, the Quran is a live miracle. All the previous miracles before the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were limited in time and place and for specific people. But the Prophet miracle Quran is a universal and everlasting miracle. Previous religions witnessed it and future generation will need to accept it for their success life after death.

Besides this great miracles of the Quran the Prophet of Islam had performed may other physical miracles for proof his prophet hood. These are narrated below.
Splitting of the Moon
Food Multiplication
Water Multiplication
Crying of the stem of the Date-palm Tree
Supplication for Rain
Lights to guide Companions
Glorification of Allah by the Prophet's meals
The explusion of a liar's corpse by the Earth
The Speech of the Wolf
The Prophet's Night Journey to Jerusalem and Ascent to the Heavens
(1) Splitting of Moon

Almighty Allah says, (The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has been cleft asunder.) (An-Najm 53:1)

According to Imam al-Bukharireported on the authority of `Abdullah who said,

The moon was cleft and asunder while we are in the company of Prophet, it became two parts when the Prophet said, Witness, witness (this miracle).

(2) Food Multiplication

According to Jabir. My father had died in debit and I was too my poor man. I could not pay my father debt. So I came to Holly Prophet and said, My late fatherleaving unpaid debts. And I have nothing expect the yield of his date palms; and their surrender for many years will not cover his debts.;Then the Holly Prophet went round one of the heaps of dates and invoked(Allah), and then he did the same with an other heap and sat on it and said, Measure (for them).

(3)Water Multiplication:

Reported by al-Bukhari,According to Abdullah reported: Once we were with The Holy Prophet (PBUH) on a journey, and we have found short of water. He said, Bring the water remaining with you; The people brought a utensil containing a little water. The Holy Prophet Place his hand in it and said Come to bless water and the Blessing is from Allah. I saw the water flowing from among the finger of Holy Prophet and no doubt, we heard the meal glorifying Allah, when it was being eaten (by him)

(4) Crying of the stem of the Date-palm Tree:

Reported by al-Bukhari According to IbnUmer. The Holy Prophet used to deliver his sermons while standing beside a trunk of a date-palm. When he had the pulpit made, he used it instead. The trunk start crying and The Holy Prophet went to it, rubbing his hand over hit.

(5) The Holly Prophet;s Night Journey to Jerusalem and Ascent to Heavens:

Almighty Allah says in Surate al-Isra, (The And We granted the vision (Ascension to the heavens) which We made you see (as an actual eye witness was only made as a trial for the people.) (Al-Isra' 17:60)

Ibn 'Abbas added: The sights which Holly Prophet was shown on the Night Journey when he was taken to Bayt-ul-Maqdis (i.e. Jerusalem) were actual sights, (not dreams). And the Cursed Tree (mentioned) in the Qur'an is the tree of Zaqqum (itself). (Reported by al-Bukhari)

Japanese Scientist's Research On Zam Zam

link to this image:

Aab-e-Zam Zam

The report of Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto on Aab-e-zam zam in my own words:

The value / virtue of Zamzam water has, should not be distinguish at whatever location else in the water on this earth.

He utilized the engineering named NANO, and examined a considerable measure on Zamzam water. Notwithstanding found out that depending on if one drop of Zamzam water blend in 1000 drops of standard water, general water will get the same value like Zamzam water.

He likewise found that a mineral in one drop of Zamzam water has its particular essentialness that should not be recognize whatever viable water on this earth.

He moreover found in some tests that the value or elements of Zamzam water could not be modified, why, science does not know the explanation.

All the more he re-cycled the Zamzam water, but no update it was still unadulterated.

This researcher moreover found out that, the Muslims state before eating/drinking. He declares that following adage on consistent water, there are some unusual happened in the value of normal water. That make it most fit water.

He likewise found out that in the event that somebody presents the Quran on customary water, it gets the capacity for the medication of contrasting infections.

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese creator known for his case that if human discourse or musings are coordinated at water droplets before they are solidified, pictures of the coming about water gems will be excellent or ugly hinging on if the expressions or considerations were positive or negative. Emoto asserts this might be accomplished through supplication to God, music or by appending composed expressions to a holder of water..

What is Islam Religion?

What is Islam Religion?

Islam is the name of the religion honed by Muslims around the globe. It is dependent upon the Qu’ran, which serves as their prevailing book in the matter of Islamic teachings. The Qu’ran stands for the exact expressions of God for Islamic adherents and it is through this book that Muslims are knowledgeable on the nuts and bolts of love and living.

It is through the prophet named Muhammad that the Qu’ran was composed and showed to Muslims onto every part of the universe. Muhammad is thought about the final prophet of God. Islam in addition thinks that there is one singular God and it is furthered to professors that it is the just religion that was disclosed to man by God through numerous prophets which incorporated Moses, Abraham, and even Jesus. With the Qu’ran, Muslims onto every part of the planet accept that teachings of different prophets were adulterated and adapted as time goes on. For them, just the Qu’ran furnishes the most exceptionally real and unaltered statements of God.

It was in the 6th century when the prophet Muhammad established Islam as the religion for Muslims. Incorporated in this blessed book by the Muslims are Islam's five columns which speak for essential demonstrations of trust for all devotees. Some amasses of Muslims think about the aforementioned five columns as required. The principal column is called “Shahada” and this includes the calling of their monotheistic confidence and the affirmation of Muhammad as God's prophet and envoy. The second column is called “Salat” which denotes the Islamic way of love. This column includes day by day requests to God performed five times a day. The third column is called “Sawm” which points to fasting which is defeated contrition from sin. The fourth column is “Zakat” which urges Muslims to give offerings or do magnanimous works specifically the aforementioned who are equipped for of doing so. The final column is the “Hajj” which points to the Muslim journey in the heavenly city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Saturday 6 August 2011

What is Islam - The Basic Beliefs and the Religion of Muslims

islam is the religion that is dependent upon the avowal that there is one singular God to which all items worships, and that Mohammad, peace be upon him, is His prophet and ambassador. Islam is the religion of peace which countless folks encounter regularly with the will of God.

The Arabic word for God is ALLAH, Who is the same God that the religion of Christianity and Judaism trust in and revere. Essentially, God = ALLAH, so don't be confounded by the departure in the dialect seeing that The god of Muhammad is still The god of Muhammad when you call ALLAH God.

Folks who have faith in the Islamic profession and embrace Islam as the religion of The god of Muhammad are called Muslims, which you may have caught earlier. Etymologically articulating, somebody is Muslim assuming that they accompany the religion of Islam, the same way a Christian is Christian assuming that they take after Christianity.

Islam, as a religion, is our guide from God, instructing us regarding every last item that concerns our job and how we might as well exist and love Him.

Muslims take after the method that The god of Muhammad (All Grandness be to Him) has disclosed to us and recommended for us to take after. That way is the best route for us, profiting us in this essence and in the when.

Then again that way is generally through the Sacred Quran which is The god of Muhammad's blessed statements straightforwardly disclosed to us through the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. That was the prophet Mohammad's wonder as a prophet, peace be upon him.

The Quran has never been and should never be defiled in light of the fact that it is the extreme truth. That is the marvel of the Blessed Quran.

In the event that you still have concerns about Islam, or prefer to memorize more regarding the implication of the Blessed Quran and the confirmation of its wonders, the visit Islam Tomorrow. In the event that you need instructive movies and sounds, and also stories of individuals and why they take after the religion, you'll additionally recognize that on the Islam Tomorrow online content.

There are heaps of unhindered downloadable and viewable duplicates of the Blessed Quran within the web based world.

In the event that you'd similar to your particular hard duplicate of the Heavenly Quran complimentary, then round out this structure for a Unhindered Blessed Quran.

I trust I was ready to help you perceive Islam more with this piece! Might you recognize the pure peace you require.

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